It’s only week #2 and I’m ready to quit.. help?

What is it about the two-week point in your quest to eat clean and lose weight that is so tough to get past? I’ve heard from many of you that you do GREAT for two weeks and then ‘something’ happens, and before you know it- you’re off track (again?).
We could talk forever about the reasons why… but can I just encourage you for a bit? Thanks, thanks (this is my favorite part). :-)

Look how far you’ve come.
No really, do it. When you started two weeks ago, did you think you could make it this far? It’s TOUGH to let go of junk food and sodas and sugary coffee drinks… etc..
VERY tough.
But you did it. YOU did it.
YOU started (which is the toughest part of all) when everyone else was still making excuses. (Do you need to reread that last sentence? It’s HUGE.)
YOU stepped up and took control of your life and your eating habits in spite of a very busy life.

Remember this.
Remember how hard it was and how much you worked to overcome the obstacles.
Remember every time you chose something healthy over something unhealthy. Remember how hard you worked to plan your meals so you would have good food to eat.
Remember.. and be proud of yourself.

Now let’s look forward.
You have a goal, whether its a number on the scale, a certain size pair of jeans, running a marathon, you name it.. but YOU have it. It’s all yours.
See that goal, take a few minutes to see yourself THERE. Finished.
No matter how you’re feeling right now, let me just tell you..
That goal.. YOUR goal is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY possible. Did you hear me?
It’s possible.
You just need to do one thing.

Keep going.

Don’t quit. Don’t try to figure out how you’re going to ‘do this’ for months or years.
Think about your next meal and making it healthy.
Think about kicking some serious butt in your next workout.
Take it one choice, one action, one decision at a time.

Don’t quit.

Take a deep breath (or six) and focus on your goal and do what it takes to stay in the game.
This is your life, and your goal and they are worth fighting for.
You can do this.
Yes, YOU can.
Now, go be the awesome, motivated, hard working, WINNER that you are.
Yeah, you can do that, too.

6 thoughts on “It’s only week #2 and I’m ready to quit.. help?

  1. I really like this post for motivation! We too try to eat clean. Check out my latest eat clean post at I love to cook and work out and hope I am an inspiration to other women. You might find some recipes you’d like to try on my blog! My toughest obstacle is quitting splenda to go to stevia! Any advice you can share on that would be great!


    • Hi there!
      It IS tough to give up sugar or Splenda, isn’t it? Ugh..
      Do you like to gradually give up things or are you more of a cold turkey kind of girl? For me, I just take it out of the house and don’t’ buy anymore, then it’s out of the diet, end of story, I don’t like to mess around with these things, especially chemicals. You may be different though.. try weaning yourself over a period of one month. In the first week you use 3/4ths Splenda with 1/4th Stevia. In the next week, half and half. In the third week, 3/4ths Stevia and 1/4th Splenda and in week four you transition to all Stevia. This gives your taste buds time to adapt. I personally don’t use sweetener at all outside of honey or pure maple syrup for baking, but again, that IS tough to give up. I hope this helps. :-)


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