My name is Catrina and I like brisket.. uh, a lot.

Those that know me well, know well.. what my favorite food is.
Or at least my favorite healthy food. My favorite things to eat in the whole wide world are all bad for me and make me sick. But we’re not going there.. of the healthy things that I now eat, Brisket is definitely my preferred protein (notice how I capitalized it? I’m showing my respect. word.)

Now if visions of dried up ol’ brisket are dancing through your head right now, let’s just nip that one in the bud, a-to the-sap, there is nothing dried up and boring about MY brisket. It is crazy awesome and even better, if perfection can be better-ized (yeah, I know that’s not a word, but I kinda like it), when it has some cabbage and carrots thrown in for good measure. I call it stew. It’s ok if you think ‘that’s not stew’.. I think it’s stew, therefore it IS to me, and I’m the one eating it. :-)
Actually, as my husband lovingly points out (ok, so maybe he enjoys correcting me once in awhile).. it’s Chuck Roast.
Same thing.
Noooo, it’s not.
Well, it looks the same.
So, yeah, anyways.. I finally shot a video for all those who want to spice up their lives with one of the simplest protein dishes ever.
I literally eat this every day.
Yup, I lurve it. (Haha, Madea shout out!) :-)
Don’t judge. Most of the fitness world eats chicken breast every. single. day. TOO!!
But my ‘everyday protein’ actually tastes good! BOOM! (Just kidding, no hate mail)
So yes, I’m finally sharing with the world so you too, can leave boring, bland protein dishes in the past and embrace the awesomeness.
Ok, enough of that, lol
So, give it a shot! I promise it’s just as easy as it is in the video. Experiment with it by adding in green chilies or other spices (the hotter, the healthier!) or different veggies and by all means share how you tweaked it and made it even MORE scrumptious.
Dang, I’m making myself hungry…
Enjoy! Not mine, haha.. I’m not sharing, I meant the video, silly. :-)