Color Speaks To Us & For Us

Color is the top form of non verbal communication.

Can I say that again?

Color is the TOP form of non verbal communication. Wow.

Color means so much and says so much, what does your color scheme say about you?

If you want to change the atmosphere in your home, what colors should you introduce?

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Check out this video to hear how color speaks to us and for us.

Here’s a very brief rundown of some popular colors and what they say:

Orange: Cheerful, energetic, confident, spontaneous, extrovert, social, happy.

Dark blue: Responsible, confident, intuitive, loyal, trustworthy, truthful, successful.

Green: Nourishing, balancing, energetic, prosperous, growth, health, vitality.

Purple: Creative, wise, royalty, strong, powerful, imaginative.

Yellow: Enhances intelligence and helps clarify thoughts, happiness, uplifting, optimism.

Pink: Innocent love, calm, warmth, feminine, intuitive, sensitive.

Red: Passion! Heightens strong emotions of love or hate, makes you feel active, bold, youthful, energetic, confident.

White: Purity, innocence, untouched, cleanliness, equality, neutrality and independence.

Black: Formal, glamorous, timeless, strength, stability, mysterious, protective, powerful and even intimidating.

Bright gold: Luxury, vitality,  success, achievement, triumph, luxury, quality, prestige, elegance.

Silver: Ornate, glamorous, graceful, sophisticated, elegant.

Turquoise: vibrant and spirited.

Beige: Non threatening. Think of it as a background color. The one that allows others to come forward and shine.

Brown: Protector,  Security, contentment, cozy, strength, honest, genuine and sincere. Brings a grounding and stability.

I could geek out for hours on this subject but I don’t want to make your eyes bleed having to read my ramblings. LOL There’s lots of interesting reading material on the science of color and how it impacts the world around us. A quick google search would probably yield more info than you can shake a stick at but if you’re still curious, check out some of those materials and let me know what you discovered about your style that you didn’t know before.

Blessings from this proud color geek,