The Declutter Project

I’ve got no photos for this post (I know, unheard of these days) .. because who wants to see photos of clutter?

Not me.

Since January 2016, I’ve been on a major decluttering spree. Like MAJOR. Giving stuff away, throwing stuff away and selling stuff on eBay and craigslist.

I have no idea how I can be a year and a half into this and still so far to go, but its true.

When the heck did I become such an accumulator? I grew up with nothing! Seriously!       I know early on in my marriage, holding on to stuff was likely a residual effect of my childhood but that was a long time ago! I have no excuse anymore. None.

My husband and I just recently wrapped up an Estate Sale that we did for a friend who had lived in her house for 30+years. That’s a long time to accumulate stuff. Being around all that STUFF for over two weeks as we prepped for the sale has really made us get even more serious about decluttering our home.

We’ve been posting things on Craigslist and eBay like crazy this past week! Making a little cash and clearing stuff out!

Here are my tips for starting the simplifying and decluttering process:

  1. If you’re overwhelmed, start small. with a drawer, a closet or a single cupboard. Don’t move on till you complete that small project. Celebrate that success and keep going.
  2. Start with just fifteen minutes a day. Set a timer if you want but don’t stop till the timer goes off.
  3. Ask yourself these questions when you’re finding it tough to get rid of something: Do I love it? Am I using it? Have I used it in the past 6 months? Do I have multiples of this? Is it broken? Am I keeping this out of obligation or guilt?
  4. Don’t forget to declutter your furniture, too! That stray bookcase or hand me down end table… or the dreaded treadmill (that you know you’re not using) need to go. All of that can go on Craigslist, in a garage sale or to the Goodwill.

When we simplify our lives and declutter our homes we will literally feel lighter. Stuff has a way of weighing down not only our physical space but our mental and emotional space.

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try it!

You just may make a few bucks selling stuff you don’t need and find new peace of mind you didn’t know was possible just by simplifying.