The box

We humans like to put things in boxes, don’t we?

It’s easier that way. And we like easy.

We put humans in boxes, too, right? She’s a loner, he’s an extrovert, she’s creative, he’s athletic, she’s overprotective, he’s absent.

When it comes to our homes, the box feels good at first. Makes us feel like we belong to a club. We enjoy the whole “I’m with them” feeling.
“I’m into farmhouse.”
“I love contemporary.”
“I’m a modern traditionalist.”
“I’m a minimalist.”

And as long as we obey the rules and stay in line, we fit in.

But what happens when we spot a gorgeous sofa that doesn’t fit in with our ‘style?’ We’re drawn to it and can’t stop thinking about it.. BUT IT DOESN’T FIT IN.

What will the others think of me?

box quote CAH.png

Yes, there should be cohesion, but that can be established with color and pattern. Style on the other hand should be a personal choice based on personality and what one is drawn to. Not what is popular at the moment.

People ask me often what my ‘style’ is. My answer is something like- traditional, industrial with touches of rustic and mid-century modern with a dash of whimsy. Basically, I have an eclectic style. And I own it.
I put things in my house that I love and I’m working on removing all the things that I don’t love.

It’s easy to spit out a popular style when asked about our own home goals, but I would encourage you to take the time to really figure out what it is you like and don’t like. This exercise could be as simple as looking at different pieces of furniture on Pinterest and pining all the chairs you like or all the sofas you like, etc..
Without prejudice or concern on whether or not it fits in, just pin all the images that appeal to you. You might find, if you’re honest with yourself, that your tastes are much more varied than you previously thought.

And most of all, don’t feel like your style has to fit neatly into a box, under a specific style.  Your interests are likely varied and may not fit into any box. 

I know it’s easier to claim ‘one style’ for your home but if your home is truly going to be yours it must reflect you.. and you can not be fit into a box.