(Happy) New Year?

I had big plans for the last two weeks.

I was going to do a live house tour of my Christmas decorations on facebook, I was going to shoot, edit and air my next installment of Q & A in the Car with Catrina, I was going to put in two solid work days on the island we’re making for our church, I was going to do a blog post and I was going to do a live update on my goal to finish my kitchen in 2018.


I was excited for the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019!

Then everything changed on the Friday after Christmas, when I finally succumbed to the flu germs I was exposed to on Christmas Eve, and I was down for the count. It was the kind of ‘sick’ when you start thinking of your funeral and there seems to be no relief. You might as well be dead because that would be better than your current suffering. That kind of sick.

I started feeling better by the 2nd and was able to clean our Airbnbs and even watch some littles so their parents could have a date night, I took the Christmas decor down on Saturday, went to church on Sunday morning but by Sunday night, I knew something was off.

I was right. I spent Monday and Tuesday of this week in a near Nyquil induced coma just to survive, taking every natural immune booster known to man and getting very little relief till I asked my husband to buy me some Silver, and I began to feel better within a few hours. That was last night. Feels like a miracle.

And so here I am, still coughing like crazy but out of bed and not wanting to die. Progress!

These last two days I barely had the strength to pick up my phone a few times the entire day but a few days ago when I had a little more strength it seemed like everyone, everywhere was talking about how happy they were for the new year and all the plans they were excited about and I couldn’t hep but feel like I was getting further and further behind.

How could I feel so much better (like night and day) and then be back to square one with horrendous flu symptoms one day later? I did nothing to cause this relapse! (i.e. eat a ton of sugar or carbs.) My best guess is I came in contact with someone either at church or at the restaurant with a fresh set of germs that I could not withstand because my defenses were so low. So down I went. Again.

When thinking is the only thing you can do, you do a lot of it. I was working overtime not to feel sorry for myself. I was absolutely miserable with body aches, nausea and fever etc. so I made myself focus on my blessings. My warm bed, my safe home, my attentive husband, the comfort of a warm bath, being self employed so I can take sick days when I need to, my church, my nieces and nephews that I love so much etc..
And I was praying for anyone and everyone just to get my thoughts off of my own misery and onto something positive.

I didn’t know why I got sick (both times), I take good care of myself and don’t indulge in a lot of common American ‘treats’, but it still happened.

Crap happens.

Bad things happen to good people and sometimes healthy people get sick.

That’s just the way it is.

It still comes as a shock. We still want to ask- why me?

But this is just reality. Well, it’s certainly my reality.

So what now?

Well.. I suck it up and press on.

Seriously though, what is the alternative? Get pissed at the world and shake my fist screaming- it’s not fair!? Been there, done that, so not helpful.

I see a lot of this in interior design and home decor groups online. A lot of “Well, if my husband hadn’t fallen at work we might be able to afford a new kitchen, too, oh well.” or “If I had her kind of money I could renovate my whole house too, but I married for love.”

Life isn’t fair folks. And the sooner we accept this as reality and not something that’s happening to poor us the sooner we can switch our thinking to solutions rather than focusing on our setbacks.

I wasn’t planning on this to be my first post of 2019, but life handed me a bag of lemons. lol I hope, more than anything, that whatever you may be going through, seasonal sickness or something much more serious, that you will look for the good in your circumstance and focus on all your many blessings till you’re through it. You got this!

I’m heading back to bed, I’m resting as much as I can, Happy New Year Friends!!