I think it’s time/your color story.

I sat down tonight to write a post about decorating for Spring and I thought to myself- I wonder if I’m going to get more questions on how to figure out a color scheme (story) for their home?

It happens nearly every time I write about home design and decor, because that’s where it all starts, right?

As much as you want to skip ahead to buying fun stuff, if you don’t have a plan, a personal color story for your home, you’re spinning your wheels and probably purchasing stuff you don’t need or doesn’t work for your home.

So instead of writing a post, I thought, you know what? I think its time. I’m going to start outlining a workshop to help folks discover their home color story!

Woohoo!! Fun stuff!

At this point, I’m thinking it will likely be a one night workshop in a private Facebook group where I’ll walk you (the group) through the steps of putting pen to paper and nailing down a color scheme for your home.

Once you have your color story nailed down, you no longer have to waste time in the stores wondering, “will this color work for me?”

Or even worse, settling for a neutral (when you really want more color) just because you don’t know if it will work or not.

So… I need your help!

In the next month, I think I’m going to do a (beta) test of the workshop and I need three volunteers who will let me fine tune my system on them to get it ready for the larger group. This won’t be time or labor intensive, I promise. :-)

If you’ve always wanted to figure out your color scheme (story) for your home and would like to help shape this workshop for others, let me know! I’ll take the first three people who volunteer, for the beta group. (You can volunteer in the comments below or in a private message on Facebook or instagram).

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

For everyone else, for you who feel stuck in this area and need guidance (a little or a lot) to get your color story squared away, make sure you’re on my email list, my email friends get all the news (and discounts) first!
You can do that here:

I’m looking forward to this!

But mostly I’m looking forward to helping you work through this process of finding your Color Story. Because I know the freedom it brings and I want that freedom for you!

Stay tuned!