Give that idea… wings!

I’m working on something.

Something for you, in fact! 

Something that involves fabric, foam board, polyfil and glue. And a wee bit of courage. :-)

I’ve been thinking about doing this for quite awhile. But it’s pretty out-of-the-box, I’ve never seen it done before. 

It kept going over and over in my mind because I was trying to solve a problem, a problem that I see so many struggling with and this is the best way, in my opinion, to solve it.

I put off doing it for months, but it wouldn’t let me go. 

It’s been a little difficult, but that’s not why I put it off, no, the reason I put it off was because I lost myself for a minute, I was thinking about what others might think of it. Even though I know it will likely help a lot of you, I let the thoughts of “What if it doesn’t work?”, “What if they think it’s dumb?” and “No one else is doing this!” creep in and take up residence in my mind. I mean, those thoughts moved in, set up tents, started a campfire and started roasting marshmallows in there, they were staying for awhile! LOL

And then a little voice spoke up and said, “What if is DOES work?” “What if it DOES help someone?”

I could barely hear this little voice (above the chatter around the campfire), but it kept insisting- “what if?”

And so I decided to give it a go.

There’s still a chance that some of you may think it’s ridiculous, some of you may not get it. But I decided since this idea would not go away that I at least owed it to myself to try and bring it to life. 

This made me think of you again. (You’re on my mind a lot) :-)

I know some of you have been thinking of trying something new in your home. Maybe it’s a new paint color, a new furniture arrangement, stepping outside of what’s ‘normal’ for your circle of friends or family, decluttering maybe? You’ve got something stewing in that head and heart of yours, something that’s new and possibly scary for you. 

It won’t let you go.

You want to try but you’re afraid to.

Maybe you’re afraid that your husband or kids might tease you.
Maybe you’re afraid of the questions from your Mom or Mother in Law. 

I hear you.

We have no guarantees that these things will work out, do we? 

And sometimes we convince ourselves that it’s just us against the world. (I can be a little dramatic sometimes.) :-) 

On my desk I have a little figurine of “Steamboat Willie.” It’s an old black and white (and gray) Mickey Mouse, just like he appeared in his debut film titled, Steamboat Willie. I wouldn’t call myself a Disney buff but I have always loved Walt Disney’s spirit of creativity and his story of perseverance. He overcame so much and pushed through great opposition to bring his art to the world. “Wille” to me, is the symbol of his creator and the spirit of starting (in spite of ______)  and persevering (when I want to quit). :-) 

Your idea for your home and my little idea are probably not going to change the world like Disney did but it will likely change someone’s world. And that someone might be you. 

The thing about courage is, it does not discriminate. It’s not only available for the strong and powerful or the wealthy and beautiful. Any one of us, can reach inside of us, and decide that we are gonna to do that thing that’s been on our mind to do. That thing that won’t let us go. 

Big or small, those ideas call us into change and growth, they ask us to risk something. That ‘something’ is different for everyone but I know this to be true, nothing good comes from ignoring those ideas. Nothing at all.

My idea may work! And it may not. It could be a total flop. lol But when I see people struggling in an area that I have some knowledge in, I think it’s worth the effort (and possible embarrassment) to try and develop something that may help. (More details coming soon.)

So what have YOU been thinking about doing?
What if it works? :-)

Whatever it is, I hope to encourage you to do it, to take the leap, to give that idea-wings, to not worry about possible failure, and just go for it!

If you want to tell me about it, I’m all ears.

Blessings on you and your home,