4 tips to boost the mood in your home

Spring time is often the time when we want a little change. The long days of Winter are winding down, we’re putting away the thick blankets and down filled jackets, pulling back the curtains and welcoming the long awaited sunshine.

I don’t know how it is for you, but Spring makes me feel energized and motivated, and I want my surroundings to coincide with what I’m feeling on the inside. I want my home to support and uplift me not make me feel stuck in the last season, litterally and figuratively.

When you want to boost the mood of your home, there’s nothing like getting a new couch or dining table, right? But those items are on the pricier end. What can you do when you’re on a super tight budget?

Here’s four things you can do for less than $100.00 to boost the mood in your home.

Absolutely nothing has the power to change the mood of a room like a fresh coat of paint. Whether you’re using your current color to touch up a few spots that have been scrubbed so many times the joint compound is starting to show through, or you go with a new color altogether, paint is where you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Add greenery
When someone shows me a newly decorated room and tells me they feel like something is missing, they’re usually right! And that ‘thing’ is often greenery. Faux or real greenery adds green to your room lol and the color green brings energy, life, health and a sense of well being* to your space. It’s the cherry on top that should never be overlooked. Real plants and trees keep your home cool, reduce pollutants and increase oxygen levels, what’s not to love?
If you have a brown thumb like me (I’m working on it lol), go for the faux! There are lots of realistic looking options out there that won’t break the bank and will bring life and energy to your room.

This one won’t cost you a dime but it will cost you some time. Will it be worth it? Absolutely! For me, ‘letting the light in’ means unloading extra things that feel like they are literally choking the life out of me. I’ve been seriously decluttering my home since January 2016 but this Spring I’ve been focusing on my home office and studio.
Do I need this?
Will I use this?
What am I keeping this for?
Bye, bye and bye!! :-)
I won’t lie, there are a few things that I wish I had not given away or sold in the last three years but by and large, I do not miss the stuff I get rid of and I love how it lifts my space and makes me feel like I have room to breathe.

Change up your pillows
I talk often about your Home Color Story* and one of the benefits of having a home decorated in coordinating colors is the ability to change pillows from room to room! I can take pillows from my living room for my bedroom and from my den for my office and vice versa. ‘New’ pillows can make the space feel fresh and energized.
Changing up your pillows can also mean bringing some new ones into the mix! If you’re a ‘strictly solids’ person, try adding in a pillow in a fun print. If you’re home is ‘neutral’, think outside the box and try different fabrics and textures! If carefully chosen, it only takes a few pillows to give new life to a familiar space and it won’t break the bank in the process.

Spring is the perfect time to embrace a change in mood and spirit! I hope these inexpensive tips will help jumpstart some ideas for your home.

*If you want help figuring out your color palette for your home, I will be teaching my Discover Your Home Color Story Workshop the second week of May! You don’t have to struggle when you go shopping for your home, when you know your Color Story you can shop with confidence. Stay tuned for details!

Blessings on your home,