It’s finally time…

Remember back in March when I shared with you all that I was working on something (for you) that I was a little nervous about putting out into the world?

Remember when I said it was pretty “out of the box” but I was working on it in hopes that it would be useful to help some of you?

Well.. I’m finally at a point where I can share it with you!

Woot, woot! :-)

I’m still not sure it’s going to make sense to anyone outside of my own crazy head, lol but enough is enough, it’s time to go for it.

Tomorrow night (Thursday, April 25th) on my Facebook page, I’m going to be doing a Facebook Live addressing a question I get a lot and that is: Can you help me, what color goes with my ______________?
(My couches, my wall color, my XYZ, its all the same question.) And I’m going to use the little project I’ve been working on to help you with the answer!

I’m specifically going to help ‘Susan’ who was beyond the point of frustration with her home, specifically styling her brown couches.

Y’all, I’m so excited but I gotta tell you, (super honest right here) there’s a part of me that still wonders if ‘my idea’ is just crazy pants and I’m going to get crickets when I ask you all if it was helpful!
My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

Going Live isn’t easy, especially for this introvert so I hope you’ll be there to cheer me on and maybe pray for me (if you’re the praying kind). lol

So, tomorrow night, Thursday April 25th, 7pm MST on my Facebook page, join me to see the train wreck… LOL
I mean, join me to see my little project put to use for the first time aaaand hear about my upcoming workshop!
It’s going to be a great night. :-)

What I hope more than anything is to inspire you to go for that thing that is in your heart and on your mind. I may fail miserably tomorrow night but it won’t be for lack of trying! I’ve been working on this for nearly two months now and that time would’ve passed anyway, I might as well have been working on something that wouldn’t let me go. Am I right?
Same for you. :-)

Another thing I hope for is that it’s truly helpful for those who are in the same boat that Susan is in.

OK, I gotta get back to work, I’ll see you all tomorrow night!

Blessings on your home,