It will be worth it.

I love gardening.

It’s in my blood.

My Abuelo (Grandpa Vargas) was a prolific gardener. (I searched for over an hour to find my photos I have of him gardening, even into his later years, but no luck.)

My 2013 carrot crop

I started my garden back in 2012 and kept it up for a few years, let it go for a few more and then tried again in 2016.

The photo above was taken in July of 2016, just before we went on vacation and it was the last time it looked this good. lol

Every year since, I wanted to get back out there and plant again. This year, when I went out there to look it over, I realized the feral cats in our neighborhood were using my garden beds for litter boxes and I was looking at completely removing and replacing ALL of the soil if I wanted to grow anything there.

My litter box aka my garden bed :(

I was bummed and I was pissed.

I knew this would be a ton of work.

I pitched a little fit, got mad at the cats for taking over my garden and got mad at myself for letting them.

I knew I had a decision to make, either let it go and be resentful all summer long or roll up my sleeves and put in the work.

Either way was going to be difficult, but one was going to yield a desirable result.

This seems to be the way things go for me, maybe you too?

I look at rooms or areas of my home and they drive me nuts. It affects my peace of mind. I literally have a physical and emotional reaction to things being undone or unfinished which makes it tough living in a home that still needs a ton of work. lol

There are no easy fixes in my home. Well, I guess I should say in the nine years we’ve lived here I haven’t run into any. lol Every door has layer upon layer of paint, every wall bears years of abuse with holes, misses and poor patching jobs.

But every room we have worked on has been worth it in the end.

When the dust is cleared and we’re putting the tools away and pulling up the drop cloths, suddenly, all the hard work seems worth it. It may not feel that way in the middle of it (whatever ‘it’ is) but it always is, when it’s finished.

Do you have rooms or areas in your home that could use a little (or a lot of) hard work? Are there spaces that are literally driving you nuts and causing you stress, like my garden beds were, me?

I want to remind you of how great it will feel in the end, when it’s all done and you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Our homes and our spaces are worth the effort. Mostly because they contribute on some level to our sanity and well being.

So I would encourage you to tackle that hard job, one bit at a time, however long it takes, until its done and you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

Three days ago my first cucumber plant broke through.

It’s always a beautiful sight to see ‘green’ push it’s way up from the ‘brown’ but it was especially rewarding this time because of all the work I had to do (removing and replacing all the soil) to get to that point.

So will your home project be.

No matter how overwhelming it may seem right now, it only takes one decision and one step in the right direction to get the ball rolling.
You got this!

I would love to hear what home project you’re tackling this Summer!