One word is not enough.

If I asked you to describe yourself, would you use just one word?

Can one word really capture all that you are?

I don’t even know you personally but I’m pretty sure the length and breadth of who you are cannot be summed up in a single, solitary word.

Three to five words? Maybe.

I’ve said it before and I will likely say it again- our homes are reflections of who we are. They are extensions of our personalities, our likes and loves.

Just as you cannot describe yourself with just one word, it’s likely your home decor style cannot be either.

Yet, we are forever being encouraged in magazines and on websites to take quizzes to find our style. Our one-word style.





I get it. It’s easier that way.

That’s what they did in high school, right? Prep. Jock. Emo. Nerd.

You’re in this box/group so you hang out with these people and you act and dress this way.


So what I see happening for a lot of women is, they put off decorating at all because the can’t figure out ‘their style.’ Much like their personality, it’s varied.

They like a little of this and a bit of that with a touch of the other thrown in. They have no idea what all that equals up to, so they just give up.

I can completely understand their frustration.

Just as in high school, the problem always begins when we allow someone else to define who we are.

Here’s a thought.. what if we throw out the ‘rule book?’

What if we bought what we liked?

What if we stop playing by everyone else’s ideas of how we should describe our home and our style?

I realize its human nature to seek out like minded people and congregate with them (which is why we go around seeking others who have similar tastes) but how awesome would it be if we stepped out of what was comfortable and predictable and exposed ourselves to new ideas?

What if we stopped putting ourselves in a box and stopped allowing others to put us in a box?

I like traditional and mid century furniture.
I like oil paintings and large graphic art.
I like ornate gold and rustic woods.
I like fine linen and 70’s brocade.
I like faux and real plants.
I like old and new.

I don’t fit into any box and my style cannot be described by one or two words, because I’m more complex than that.

And so are you.

When someone asks me what my home decor style is, I say, “it’s Me.”