My plan to not be a hoarder

Y’all. It’s so easy to want to buy.. and KEEP all the cool things we find at estate sales. I mean… seriously! Lol

(I might be looking around the room for someone to blame besides myself for my growing stockpile of home decor.)

Years ago (long before it was cool) I implemented the practice of getting rid of equal amount of clothes that were coming into my closet. So if I bought two pieces of clothing, I would get rid of two pieces.

This has served me well. It really makes me think about what pieces I like and use vs pieces that I’m just comfortable with being there. I only want pieces in my closet that I love and feel good about wearing. I’m not fully there yet but I’m closer than I was a few years ago! (I don’t do a lot of clothes shopping.) :-)

So, a few months ago, I was looking at my home decor stash and it occurred to me that I might need to apply this same principle in this area also. eeeks!

Here are a few of my roadblocks:

  1. Well, we come across so many cool things at estate sales, stuff that folks collected on their world travels, stuff that is passed down from parents and grandparents, items that are sometimes 50, 60 and 70 years old, they are hard for this history lover to pass up!
  2. I also have to collect items for our Airbnbs. If something gets broken I have to have a replacement before the next guest comes in to keep the place looking nice.
  3. And well, I’m a creative, I like to have options and I like to be able to change things around if I feel like it, so I need a good size inventory! Lol
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Having said all that.. I know I need to take an honest look at what I have and

  1. get rid of anything I don’t love. (Tastes change and that’s ok.)
  2. get rid of anything I haven’t used in 12 months and
  3. start the practice of getting rid of the equal amount of items that I bring in.

I think the worst thing for me personally would be having so much that I don’t even know what I have. I don’t want to get to that point.

We see that a lot in our estate sale adventures. In one house, seventeen pairs of scissors, fifteen extension cords, ten first aid kits, etc..

I told y’all that I started decluttering my home in 2016 and I’m still at it. But somehow my home decor stash has stayed under the radar and I just don’t go there… Lol

But I know I need to. I need to edit my stash and I need to edit my buying.

OK, who’s with me?

Do you have a home decor stash that needs a good edit?

Maybe it’s your Christmas decor that you need to go through and get rid of what you no longer use or love!

I’m going to take a good long look at what I’ve got, be honest with myself about the possibility of ever using it and only keep what I currently love and will use.

How about you? :-)