My Dining Room Centerpiece

I love pumpkins!

This was my centerpiece from last year, pretty much pumpkin centric. lol

But I just wasn’t feeling it this Fall for my dining room centerpiece. All I could think about were deep, reds, blues, golds and greens in a brass compote.

I used a few of the flowers from last years arrangement and pulled out an estate sale find, the brass compote to give it a slightly more elevated and formal feel than last year’s galvanized bucket.

Once again, it took me forever to get started on it. I purchased the flowers almost a month ago and they sat on my dining room table while I doubted myself and insisted I didn’t have time to do it. I don’t know why I always do this. Flower arranging is fairly new to me and I have such high expectations for myself that I put it off again and again.

It was literally getting to the point that not getting it done was causing me stress. Because I refused to take the flowers downstairs and it was making me crazy having them on the table. Lol So this morning, I said, that’s it, I’m doing it right now.

It may not have turned out like I wanted it but it’s a lot closer than if I had never started it. :-)

I wanted to be able to leave the centerpiece on the table when guests came over so I intentionally gave it a lower profile. What good is a pretty centerpiece if you have to take it off during dinner? I want to be able to look at it! Lol

Remember this little guy from last week’s estate sale haul? I love sticking interesting pieces in unexpected places.

I’ll probably be tweaking it here and there for a few weeks but that’s the beauty of working with artificial flowers, right?!

When I finished, I kicked myself for putting it off for so long. I’m a true champ at making mountains out of mole hills (small projects).

It may not have turned out like I wanted it but it’s a lot closer than if I had never started it. :-)

My dining room table is cleared off and I’m at peace again. Lol Maybe next year I bring the pumpkins back but this year it’s all about the rich colors of Fall.

Do you decorate for Fall?

I don’t typically decorate all of my home for Fall, do you?

I would love to hear what areas of your home you decorate for the holidays.

Blessings on your home,