Bookcase styling 101

Styling a bookcase or shelf can be a challenge! Especially if you’re not one to have a lot of books or knicknacks on hand.

What do you do with the empty space? What if the shelves are super deep?

Here’s a link to a Facebook live I did to help make you a bookshelf styling pro!

Below are the topics I cover in the video, they might not make a whole lot of sense in text, lol definitely check out the video, especially if you’re a visual learner.

Visual Balance
When you’re putting books or objects on your shelf, your goal is to create visual balance.
What does this mean?
Let’s say you’re putting books and plants on your shelf, you want to make sure that you don’t put all the books on one side and the plants on the other. Rotate back and forth-

top shelf: books on the right/plant on the left
middle shelf: plant on the right/books on the left
bottom shelf: books on the right/plant on the left

Does that make sense? Staggering the ‘like’ objects will help create balance.

photography by: Rustic White Photography

Visual breaks
When every shelf is the same, there is nothing there to draw the eye. This is typically a problem when you have a lot of books. Add in a visual break to let the eye rest on a specific object. 

This helps break up monotony and add interest. The ‘break’ can be books stacked in a different direction, it can be a small faux or real plant, it can be a fancy bookend, or just a little empty space!

Problem: My built in shelves are super deep
Solution: Bring everything (your books, plants and objects) to the front of the shelves. Don’t worry about the space in the back.

Problem: My shelves are dark or in a dark area
Solution: Use light colored books and objects. Also bring in shiny or metallic items, these will help reflect light. Note- stay away from using a lot of pure white, the contrast will be too harsh.

Problem: My shelves are large and fixed, everything feels small in them!
Solution: The trick is to use larger scale items.

I included some additional fun ways to style your shelves on the video, check it out and tell me what tips and trick you will be using in your home!