Holiday Overwhelm

As I’m sitting down to write this, I confess I’m feeling stressed.

My to-do-list to get my home ready to host Thanksgiving for my family is a mile long and I’m running out of days to work on it.

I’m not a procrastinator, there have been a few (very important) things that have delayed my attention to said list but the fact of the matter is, I’m still behind.

Did I mention we were in the middle of renovating our kitchen?

Did I also mention that we are hosting our big annual fundraiser for our 20-year-old non-profit this weekend?

Anyone else feeling the strain of Thanksgiving preparation?

I love Thanksgiving and I love having my family over for such a wonderful holiday, so naturally, I want it to be ‘perfect.’

What is perfect, though? I ask myself.

When I stop stressing myself out over whether or not the crown molding is going to be painted in time, and I chill out for a hot second, I remember that what makes it perfect will be everyone being there and enjoying themselves.

That may be corny to some, but that’s what it really boils down to, doesn’t it?

I’m trying to remind myself of these three things:

I.e. determine what is most important. For me, as I stated above, is that all of my family can be here for Thanksgiving and everyone enjoys themselves. So simple. And this is largely determined by me and my attitude on that day. It’s my house, I set the tone. If I’m stressed, everyone will feel it. Consequently, if my attitude is gratitude, they will feel that and feel at ease. When I keep my focus on that, that is something I can work towards and it has nothing to do with whether or not the recessed lighting gets put in.

Let go of the ideal
We all have an idea in our head of how things ‘should’ be for the holidays, right? The food is supposed to taste perfect, the house is supposed to be uber clean and decorated to the nines and we’re supposed to look amazing, too! Perfection, everybody, perfection!
But you know what holidays stand out in my mind? The ones that didn’t go according to plan, the ones where something unexpected happened. Like the Thanksgiving the pecan pie filling was green. no joke! lol #PieFail Or the Thanksgiving my chunky little nephew took his first steps. sniff, sniff. I love him so much!
Perfection is boring, we must let go of the ideal and embrace… life.

Embrace the imperfections
Two Thanksgivings ago we hosted the holiday at our house with cardboard taped down in the dining room. This was because we were renovating the dining room that year and needed to protect the floor. We stopped the renovation, cleaned the place up as best we could and invited everyone over. It was an awesome Thanksgiving, the food was amazing, no one was fighting, lol and we all had a great time!
I have already accepted that my old sliding doors are not going to be finished in time before Thanksgiving, I guess I need to sit down and rationally work through what is possible to get done (without killing myself or my husband) and what I need to let go of. The food won’t taste any better or worse if I don’t have a backsplash in my kitchen, right?

I  feel myself a little less stressed now than when I started writing this post. Thanks for ‘listening’ to me work through what’s important. You all are the best.

If you’re starting to feel the stress of the holiday, too, my hope is that you will be able to prioritize what truly is important, let go of the ideal and embrace the imperfections of real life. The holiday will likely be messy.. but amazing.

Blessings on your home,




Company’s comin’

I’m curious, do you regularly invite guests (friends, family or acquaintances) over for a meal? Or even a game night?
We have lived in our house for nearly eight years and outside of holidays I can count the times on one hand that we have entertained.
Ugh.. I hate to admit that out loud.
I tell myself it’s because we’re always in the middle of a renovation on one part of the house or another, but really, it’s probably mostly because I’m an introvert AND a perfectionist.  Well actually, it’s because I don’t want to clean. LOL

Dang flippin’ dust.

I think about the dusty, exposed window weights in my bathroom window, the raw wood in the kitchen that needs to be sanded and painted etc. and the chairs in the living room that I haven’t got around to painting. Then there’s the couch that I want to replace, the kitchen that I’m in the middle of painting and the monster crack on the dining room table (we’re going to build us another table, but it comes after the kitchen). Double ugh.

And did I mention I  don’t want to clean?

Catrina At Home.PNG

I realize that my focus is wrong. All wrong.
And that I care significantly more about my mess than others would but it still holds me back.

Entertaining should be about sharing our home and spending quality time with those we care about or getting to know new friends a little better. (Blah, blah, blah. lol)

Sooo, I’m going to challenge myself. (This is how I handle things I know I need to work on.)

My challenge is to invite company over within the next thirty days. (yikes)

AND I’m not going to stress about getting the dining room table fixed before hand or all the other half done projects around the house.

I’m going to cook a simple meal and just enjoy our company.

And most of all, I’m not going to regret posting this two minutes after I hit- publish. LOL

(Who am I and where did the real Catrina go?)

SOOOO… will YOU join me in the challenge?

We all know it’s important to break bread together but if you’re struggling in this area too, will you take my 30-day challenge?
Will you commit to inviting friends or family into your home in the next 30 days?

If you’re joining me, I would LOVE to hear about it!
Feel free to leave a comment below or let me know on my Facebook page.
Just know that I’m going to keep you accountable. Lol If we say-yes, then we doing it!!

We got this! :-)












Easy Spring Centerpiece

Winter is fading into history and Spring is… springing!

Living in the  desert southwest, Spring happens earlier for us. The temps start to rise and blooms start appearing while most of the country is still under snow. We are fortunate that way but our Summers are HOT. So… there’s that. :-)

But for now, we are enjoying a brief moment of ideal temps and light winds.

Seeing blooms appear outside makes me want to bring the Spring indoors! I made this simple Spring centerpiece, purchasing everything from Hobby Lobby, and you can too!

I use no hot glue (or anything else really) to secure the greenery or flowers in place and that’s the beauty of it, when you want to change out the flowers or figurine as the season changes, it’s super easy to do!


  1. Make sure all of your greenery and flowers run in the same direction, clockwise or counter clockwise, this helps the centerpiece flow together nicely.
  2. Have fun! Don’t stress about perfection, there’s no right or wrong way to do this. If you follow my lead and not use glue you can always pull out the pieces and start again.

If you make a Spring centerpiece I would love to see it! Feel free to post it on my Facebook page.

Happy Spring!




Three Gorgeous Folded Dinner Napkins

The cloth dinner napkin has become not only a necessity on a finely dressed table but a serious contender for top billing as the most eye catching feature. And with its rise in popularity comes the quest for the hostess to find an interesting folding technique.

Only problem is, most folds are overly complicated and more importantly, take up a ton of your precious time. Here are three quick and easy folds for your Christmas/holiday dinner taught in simple, easy-to-follow steps.


If you’re looking to add in a little more creativity to your place setting, here’s some inspiration for the “pocket square” fold.

CatrinaAtHome Pocket square fold picks

Create your own picks for the pocket square fold.

Pocket fold napkin by CatrinaAtHome

Ruscus branches for the pocket square fold.

CatrinaAtHome Pocket square fold

Ribbon background for the pocket square fold.

CatrinaAtHome Pocket square fold

Velvet and frosted berries for the pocket square fold.

CatrinaAtHome Pocket square fold

Simple eucalyptus leaves for the pocket square fold.

CatrinaAtHome Pocket square fold

Red velvet leaf and greenery for the pocket square fold.

CatrinaAtHome Pocket square fold

Gingham check and frosted berry pick for the pocket square fold.

Of course, these folded napkins can be made with any napkin you choose! Just coordinate your napkins with your dinner ware and have fun!

If you use one of these folded napkin designs, I would love it if you sent me a photo of your place setting.

Merry Christmas!



Three Quick and Easy Napkin Folds.