Do you do anything in your life right now, that makes you feel like Superwoman? (Assuming you’re a woman, of course..)
Something that makes you feel invincible, powerful and ready to take on anything?!?

I do. It’s called Demolition. ‘Demo’ for short.
And I LOOOOVE it! :-)
So what do I demolish? Walls. Plaster and lath, sheetrock, ceramic tile, wood, concrete.. whatever.

Why do I do this?
Well.. my husband and I bought a 104 year old home that every single flippin’ inch needed remodeling, so we had to take out walls, lots of different flooring and various wood structures.

We’ve also been doing various demo and reconstruction projects for the last 17 years. We’re crazy like that.

It’s tough work, not for the faint of heart or those worried about breaking a nail. Depending on what we’re working on we can easily be covered from head to toe in dirt, concrete or sheetrock dust, and sweat. Yeah, lots of sweat, we are absolutely filthy when we finish.
So why would I do this?
Well, for one, because it needs to be done, and two.. because I can.
Yeah. I can.
Give me a wonderbar in one hand and a hammer in the other and I will take down ANYTHING.
And the grin on my face under my mask will be huge while I’m doing it.
Why? Because I love the fact that I am not only capable of doing this, but I can do it well.
What I (may?) lack in strength (compared to the opposite sex) I will more than make up for in stamina. I don’t quit till the job is done.
And when I’m done, I’m crazy tired and likely bleeding somewhere, but on the inside I’m on top of the world, ready and willing to take on ANYTHING.
In my own little world, I am Superwoman. (Powerful, capable and strong.)
But my husband (lovingly) calls me- Beast.
So I ask you again, do you have anything in your life that you accomplish that makes you feel SUPER?
Something that stretches you?
Something that’s tough?
Something that takes a great deal of effort and thus gives a great deal of pride once completed?
We need these things.
And this is not the same kind of ‘amazing’ that a haircut or new outfit brings, this is the kind of ‘amazing’ that can only come with accomplishment. With facing something tough and tearing through it. And coming out on the other side- victorious.
In the midst of our crazy lives where we are burdened with issue upon issue, we need pockets of straightforward success here and there to remind us that we can make it and we can succeed in very tough circumstances.
We are capable. We are Super. And we can handle Anything that comes our way.

Without these ‘successes’, these moments of awesome achievement, we start to shrivel, and doubt starts to creep in and ‘everything’ seems so overwhelming and we think we can’t make it if we don’t ‘escape’ (to get a manicure, a drink, or eat junk) so we can deal with life again.
You are so much stronger than you think you are. You may have forgotten this, but the fact remains. You may need to tackle and conquer something bigger than you to refresh your memory of your strength, but it’s there, I promise you.

While leading a group of college girls through a workout not too long ago, I told them of another benefit of exercise that’s often overlooked:
When we face a tough workout that we really don’t want to do or don’t think we can do, but we roll up our sleeves and do it anyways, afterwards, after we’ve pressed on, pushed hard, done our best and finished.. we get to enjoy the gift of accomplishment and we also realize that every ‘impossible’ task we overcome gives us strength and determination to handle the next one, be it in the gym or not. Working-out is a strength builder that carries much further than the walls of a gym.

Some will run to get a pedicure or go shopping when the going gets tough. Fortunately, life never afforded me those options. And I say “fortunately” because without those options, I was forced to develop my ‘perseverance muscle’, and it’s strong now.
Earlier I said my husband and I had been doing demo and rebuilding for the last 17 years, but I had forgotten about this photo here…
This is me and my brother and sisters (minus one) when I was 16 years old (I’m in the center not holding anything). Apparently my Mom looked at two short brick walls and a large L-shaped patch of concrete and it never occurred to her that we couldn’t break this down. She told us it needed to be done and using a sledgehammer we did it. We took turns destroying this sore sight in the yard, till it was no more. No gloves, no protective eye wear, no steel-toed boots. Just grit.
Was it ‘fun’ to do this? Maybe for the first few minutes, but those were (really) rough times, and I’m sure I welcomed the opportunity to work some frustration off. Would I have rather gone swimming or read a book or hung out with friends? Uh, yeah. But it was during these years that I was learning just how strong I was (we all were). Not by choice, we never choose adversity, right? But it’s in the fire, in those moments when we want to quit, but don’t because that option isn’t even on the table, that we find there’s really something in us, in all of us… that’s Super.
Thanks, Mom.

For when you just dont feel like it

Typically I’m pretty excited about working out, it hasn’t always been that way, but when you start seeing small changes in your body it tends to motivate you..well, at least it does me.
So, today was not one of those days. It was time to work on abs, I was laying down on the mat and thinking.. MAN, I’m just not feeling it today. I was sluggish and feeling out of it. But there was no reason for me to be feeling this way, I had had plenty enough to eat, not to much, not too little, I had waited my typical 35-40 minutes after eating and I should’ve been ready to go.
But I wasn’t.
My ab workout was 4 rounds of the following:
25 Crunches
25 Reverse crunches
25 Decline sit-ups
Plank for 1 minute

Followed by 4 rounds of the following:
25 Crunches
25 Reverse crunches
25 Decline crunches
25 Bicycles

So, I start any way.. and by the middle of round 2 I’m already thinking of excuses of why I could/should stop. The mental war has started and I can barely concentrate on counting my reps for all the back and forth in my mind about stopping or continuing on. My stomach did feel like I had some sort of funky virus or something, but I knew I could keep going, it was a bit painful and crampy but I also knew that I could work through it… if I wanted to.
At the end of round 3 I’m laying on the mat looking up at the ceiling and I’m starting to verbalize what I’m feeling.. ” I am just not feeling it today..” “I feel so out if it..” “I’m just not up to it..”
I sat up and caught my reflection in the mirror and something spoke through my own mouth and said, “You’re not quitting, so don’t even think about it, I don’t care if it takes you 3 hours, you’re finishing, so let’s go.”
And that was it. I laid back down and started round 4.
About the end of round 5 the energy kicked in and I was moving like someone lit my pants on fire and I finished all 8 rounds and then did 3 rounds of HIIT for my cardio.

So what happened? How did I keep going when everything in me wanted to quit?
It’s simple.
I eliminated the option of quitting.

It’s amazing the things you can accomplish in life when you don’t give yourself the option to quit.

Lets think about that for a minute, what are two goals you would’ve achieved, just this last year had you not quit?
I can tell you two for me:
1. Learn Spanish
2. Finish the first draft of a script


On the flip side…
At the beginning of this year I decided that I was finally going to learn how to knit. I had wanted to for years but never “had the time.” So, I find the time (miracle, right?) and I go to my first class (very excited), and right off the bat, found it to be pretty difficult. I had crocheted for many years and didn’t think knitting would be that much different, just using two needles instead of one hook, right? Boy, was I wrong. The class was kinda noisy, I was having a tough time concentrating, my pinky finger on my left hand is still messed up from all the demo work we’ve done on our house and I had to learn to knit right handed and, well, I’m a lefty (you think writing with the opposite hand is tough, try knitting!). I had all kinds of excuses for why I wasn’t doing as well as I thought I would. I was frustrated. But I made myself practice for 15 minutes a day anyways. It still was not clicking. My instructor said I was doing great but it was very difficult and not enjoyable. And then in the third class, sensing my frustration, she asked me point blank if I wanted to quit and try crocheting again.
I kept my eyes on my needles afraid I may take her up on it..
“No… I’m not quitting,  I said “I may switch back to crocheting after the 10 week course but I’m going to finish the knitting class.
I’m sure you probably know where this is going…
Now? Well, I love knitting, not just like it or think its fun, I love it and look for a few minutes here and there during the day when I can sneak away to knit a little. I know it’s the artist in me, I love creating something out of nothing, but it’s relaxing, calming and enjoyable now (even if everybody thinks I’ve fallen off my rocker for even trying it). And to think for a tiny moment I thought about abandoning it just because it was tough.
Makes me think about other things in my life that I’ve quit over the years.
I’m no ‘perseverance hero,’ I’ve listed two things above that I started and quit last year, but I want to be someone who sees something to the end and doesn’t quit just because things get rough. That’s who I aspire to be.

So let’s get back to the mat. You’re laying there and soooo not wanting to even get started on your workout. Let me ask you this. Do you always feel like loving your spouse? Do you always feel like going to work? If you said yes to both of those, come here so I can smack you, cause you know you’re lying. :-)
No, we don’t always feel like doing a lot of things, but like they say in marriage courses.. (yeah, I’ve had to take a few over the years)

“do it any ways, your feelings will follow your actions.”

If you want the benefit of a good marriage, you’re going to have to do the work. If you want the benefit of a paycheck, you’re going to have to show up and do the work. If you want a nice healthy, toned or muscular body you’re going to have to do the workout.

Eliminate the option to quit, take it off the table, it’s not negotiable, set a goal, start and then finish.
And when its over your sense of satisfaction and pride for having completed something that was difficult will be so huge, I just might see it from here. :-)

Here’s a cable scarf that I knit recently, makes me wish for cooler weather NOW just so I can wear it.