Discover Your Home Color Story Workshop

Color is powerful.

It can motivate and empower us.

Colors that we wear, see and even sit on, impact us.

When we wear colors that we love, we feel bold and courageous, we feel like the best version of us.

And when those same colors that we love are in our home, we live in rooms that feel like an extension of ourselves. We feel equally at ease and inspired.

Do you know you favorite colors?

Do you wear your favorite colors?

Are you surrounded by these colors in your home?

I created the Discover Your Home Color Story Workshop to give you the time, space and guidance you need to create a color scheme for your home.

Is this workshop for you?

  • Does your home feel disconnected from room to room?
  • Do you struggle with knowing what color textiles (pillows etc.) to buy for your home?
  • Are you waiting to decorate because you don’t know where to start?
  • Have you defaulted to a neutral color scheme because you don’t know what your color story is?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I invite you to take action for your home and join us!

The details:

  • Live Workshop, Thursday, May 9, 7pm MST (in private Facebook group)
  • Participants will have 30-day access to recording of live training and private Facebook group.

We will discuss

  • Potential roadblocks to decision making
  • Outside influences that keep us stuck
  • The color wheel and how to use it
  • Examples of how to use your Home Color Story

Also included

  • A short quiz
  • Tertiary color wheel with common color schemes PDF
  • Personal Home Color Story worksheet PDF
  • 21 popular colors and their associated meanings PDF
  • Positive qualities and their associated colors PDF
  • 30 Day access to Catrina within the private Facebook group

Discover Your Home Color Story Workshop

Let's work together on your personal home color story!


Friends, this doesn’t have to be complicated..

And you don’t have to go it alone. Joining the workshop gives you 30-day access to the group (and to me) where you can ask questions and get feedback. The PDFs are yours to keep for future reference.

Because this is the beta course, you can get it at the beta price only $17.97! It’s not likely to ever be this price again.

I don’t want you to miss out!

And most importantly I don’t want you to continue to struggle with your color scheme when you don’t have to. I created this course after getting so many questions asking “What color goes with my brown/gray/black couches? What color rug should I get for these color walls? What color should I paint my walls?”

I want to help you figure it out for yourself.

You don’t need an interior designer but you do need to start with figuring out your home color story. That’s ground zero, the place we all have to start at to create a home we love.

Enrollment is only open Sunday, May 5th – Wednesday, May 8th!!

I hope to see you there!

Discover Your Home Color Story Workshop

Let's work together on your personal home color story!


Fine print: Once payment is received, participant will be emailed access to the private Workshop Facebook Group (within 24 hours).

Thank you!